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Promotion Wars 1.3


Promotion Wars is a freeware wrestling promoter sim by Adam Jennings which was launched in October 2000. It gave wrestling fans the chance to run one of the top wrestling promotions in North America - sign wrestlers, book matches on TV shows and PPVs, create feuds and decide who wins the championship belts.

This download is a Zip File - you will need WinZip to open it. You can get a free trial version of WinZip from

Need Help Downloading, Unzipping or Installing?

1. This downloads the zip file, PW1p3.ZIP to your computer.

2. If you don't have Winzip, go to and download a free trial version. Install it as per the instructions on the Winzip site.

3. Find the PW1p3.ZIP file on your computer, and double click on it. Winzip will open. Click Next. It will ask if you want to add a folder to your favourite zip folders - you can click No. Click Next, then click Install Now.

Note: If when you double click PW1p3.ZIP, you get a message saying "Not A Valid Archive", it just means that something went wrong with your internet connection during the download. Try closing any other windows that are using the internet and try downloading again. Otherwise, just try downloading at a different time.

4. The Installation program begins. Click Next. Now you have to choose where you want the game put on your computer. If you don't alter it, it will put it in your Program Files folder, in a folder called Promotion Wars 1.3. If you want to put it somewhere else, click on Browse and choose a different folder. If you are choosing somewhere else, make sure you choose a new, empty folder (which you can create anywhere by clicking 'Make New Folder'). When you've chosen where to put the game, click Next. Click Next again, and the game installs itself into the folder you chose. Click Finish when its done.

5. Close Winzip.

6. Go to the folder you put the game into. If you didn't choose a folder yourself, go to My Computer, then C, then Program Files, then Promotion Wars 1.3.

7. Inside that folder, you will see a wrestling ring icon, called Promotion Wars 1.3. Double click it, and the game begins.

If you've followed these steps and are still having trouble, visit the Help section on the forum or send me a message.

If the installation part of these steps didn't start, it may be that the computer you are using does not allow every user to install software on it. Contact the owner of the computer to see if you have permission to install software.
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