Smackdown vs. RAW 2019
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Uploaded by Fleisch
Start Date: July 2019
Last Updated July 14 2019
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WWE Smackdown!
WWE Evolution (All women's promotion)

The Smackdown Women's title has been renamed to WWE Women's United States and is now the secondary belt for Evolution (Raw title has been renamed to just WWE Women's). The Women's tag team has also been moved to Evolution. NXT and NXT:UK have a women's division but Raw & Smackdown do not.

The WWE Network has now been split into the Raw Network and the Smackdown Network. The Smackdown Network shows the Evolution Events (but not the TV show) and The Raw Network shows the NXT Events (again, not the TV show). NXT:UK is shown on Skysports 4 in the UK. It has no TV deal currently in the US.

Each company has a TV show currently airing. They also have their own Events as follows;

J Raw Royal Rumble
F Elimination Chamber
M Clash of the Champions
A Wrestlemania
M Backlash
J Raw Money in the Bank
J Extreme Rules
A Fatal 4 Way
S Hell in a Cell
N Survivor Series
D Clash of Champions

J Smackdown Royal Rumble
F No Way Out
M Fastlane
A Super Show-down
M King of the Ring
J Smackdown Money in the Bank
J Battleground
A Summerslam
S No Mercy
O Vengeance
N Starrcade
D Roadblock

J Evolution Royal Rumble
F Breaking Point
M Saturday Night's Main Event
A Payback
M Over the Edge
J Evolution Money in the Bank
J The Bash
A WWE Crown Jewel
S Mae Young Classic
O Unforgiven
N No Escape
D New Years Revolution

J TakeOver: Philadelphia
F TakeOver: Rival
M TakeOver: Dallas
A TakeOver: New Orleans
M TakeOver: The End
J TakeOver: Chicago
J TakeOver: REvolution
A TakeOver: Brooklyn
S Takeover: Toronto
O TakeOver: Respect
N TakeOver: WarGames
D TakeOver: London

NXT:UK is TV Only and does not hold big events. You can change that yourselves if you don't like it, but I wanted a little variety in how the promotions are run.

Ownership and booking.

WWE Raw:
Owner - Vince McMahon
Booker - Paul Heyman

WWE Smackdown:
Owner - Shane McMahon
Booker - Eric Bischoff

Owner: Triple H
Booker - Joe Belcastro

Owner & Booker - Robbie Brookside

WWE Evolution:
Owner - Stephanie McMahon
Booker - Sara Del Ray

WWE Evolution has a core roster of written deals (the Raw & Smackdown women), but also has the NXT women's division on PPA deals so if you decide to book them, you could have some interesting matches.

I think I have covered most of the changes so far. There are also updates to the base data that I had been working on that were not released with RWC. Mainly new titles and lineages.
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