Real World Chronicles: March 2024
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Uploaded by Devil_Cyborg
Start Date: March 2024
Last Updated March 1 2024
GDS Link:

=== NOTES ===

- AEW's television specials are set up as dormant events, if you want to use them simply switch them to active on a Wednesday and move Dynamite back one day to Tuesday.

- The Women's Royal Rumble is set to be contested in a 10-person Battle Royal because if you choose 30, the AI realizes it doesn't have enough women and does a second men's Rumble instead. This doesn't impact the player, though.

- CyberFight Festival is set to take place under the NOAH banner, but if you're booking DDT it'd be worth taking control of it yourself and using Alliance loans for cross-promotion.

- CyberFight ownership of the three companies doesn't really work that well as it prevents them all from negotiating with broadcasters not owned by CyberFight - however, not doing so prevents NOAH and TJPW from negotiating with Wrestle Universe. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't here, fix at your leisure.


Nolo Kitano (MLW)
Violent J (NWA)
Zayda Steel (MLW, Beyond)
Black Swan (Free)
Persephone (CMLL)
Epydemius Jr. (AAA)
Dulce Kanela (AAA)
Vinnie Massaro (NOAH, Marvelous)
Alpha Zo (Marvelous)
Osiris (IWRG)
Vengador (Big Lucha)
Orbita (Big Lucha)
Elipse (Big Lucha)
Cometa Maya (Big Lucha)
Forneo (Big Lucha)
Survival Tobita (Free)
Mokujin Ken (Free)
Naoshi Sano (Free)
Ranna Yagami (Stardom)
Yuzuki (Stardom)
Sayaka Kurara (Stardom)
Bebote Valdez (Free)
Erick Ortiz (Free)
Iron Kid (Free)
Kaientai (Free)
King Rex (Free)
Kratoz (Free)
Lord Byron (Free)
Prometeo (Free)
Radar (Free)
Simbolo (Free)
Tromba (Free)
Willy Banderas (Free)
Brayden Toon (GCW)
Tiffany Nieves (NWA)
Hatana (CMLL)
Tabata [fka Katara] (CMLL)
Taro Okada (Stardom)
Anthony Cicone (TNA)
Haroon Abid Jhara (NOAH)
Lunatik Extreme (Zona 23)
Ovett Jr. (Zona 23)
Venganza (Zona 23)
Fly Star (Zona 23)
Judas el Traidor (Zona 23)
Abel Veintitres Guerrero (Zona 23)
Cyber Black (Zona 23)
Drako (Zona 23)
Sadie Gibbs (Marvelous)
Gigi Rey (Marvelous)
Promise Braxton (Marvelous)
Ivan Rokov (IWRG)
Sage Chantz (NWA)
Tommy Rant (NWA)
Paymon (Zona 23)
Epitafio (Zona 23)
Makabre (Zona 23)
Dragon Kid (Zona 23)
Zigma (Zona 23)
Amnesia (Zona 23)
El Hijo de Octagón (CMLL)
Harley Hudson (TNA, PROGRESS, EVE, TNT)
Ke Malito (CMLL)
Charity King (NWA)
Danni Bee (NWA)
Malcolm Monroe III (ICW No Holds Barred)
Rachel Armstrong (BLP, DPW)
Spencer Slade (NWA)
Gabby Forza (Beyond)
Trevor Outlaw (BLP)
Koda Hernandez (BLP)
Jaylen Brandyn (Beyond)
Traevon Jordan (Beyond)
Kennedi Copeland (Beyond, BLP)
David Francisco (RevPro)
Brett Semtex (RevPro)
El Hijo de Blue Panther (CMLL)
Shayna Wayne (AEW)
Especie Maligna (Zona 23)
Simon Miller (PROGRESS)
Amira (EVE, RevPro)


Zona 23
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