Real World Update: June 2021
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Uploaded by TheWho87
Start Date: June 2021
Last Updated June 11 2021
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Workers Pictures:

So here is the update for June, first off there is a new active promotions, with the addition of New Japan Wrestling of America, along with that I've updated the rosters of the few UK promotions who started running again, I waited a bit till they had run enough shows to base rosters from, I'll look into some other promotions to drag them up to date.

There is a big update with the graphics and you will need to use the new pack for company logos to work, I've moved to using full promotion names over initials due to an increase of logos in the pack of similar name, this way can separate them more easily. Also I'm working on the worker pack for next month, I've been filling gaps for America and Canada and will move onto the UK and then the other regions, I'm focusing on anyone except non-wrestlers, for most regions the amount of workers without pictures tends to be around 200-300 per region, and overall there is around 2000+ missing pictures out of 8900+ workers which isnt too bad.

Beyond that it's the usual updates and changes for the month, as usual if anything is wrong or missing, mention and I'll update for next month.
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