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Version: 1.0
Created by Bigpapa42
Start Date: May 2013
Last Updated May 16 2021
GDS Link:
The Yes Mod (TYM) is a TEW mod starting in May of 2013 that is built from scratch… sort of.

This is a full release. However, I do expect that there will be an eventual subsequent release. Cannot provide any timeline on that.

There has been extensive testing on the development of young workers (thanks to HWRP). But less focus on the development of debuting workers. That is an area that may require further refinement.


-if you intend to book the WWE, you may want to consider changing the product to another SE variant. The one selected is meant more for the AI.
-if you intend to book TNA, you may want to consider editing Dixie Carter's personality. The scumbag personality was meant to try to have TNA emulate some of the shady practices they have done under her leadership rather than truly represent her. The contracts situation in TNA is meant to create some challenge
-NXT-UK is not in the data as its impossible to have it debut similar to how the child company actually exists and functions
-almost nothing in the data is FINAL, so any suggestions will be taken into account. No guarantee they will be enacted
-some things are certain ways for gameplay purposes, to keep things from being overpowered
-quite a lot of top workers have had skills dropped to keep grades reasonable. As such, testing to see how the worker grades isn't a bad idea when making suggestions for major stars for big companies. Having just one of those being overpowered in terms of grades can unbalance things.
-Attribute suggestions are very welcome. Some negative attributes are based on hearsay and rumor, others are random. If you aren’t sure, point it out
-for workers with international recognition, popularity cascades to some level, similar to the Cverse
-notable workers from small or above companies will typically have a small degree of international popularity, often about 5 points
-I changed out the Work Name file to the Default one. The previous one resulted in some really fun combo names, but they happened way too often.
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