The Monday Night Wars
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Version: 1.1
Uploaded by gazwefc
Start Date: September 1995
Last Updated November 2 2020
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The advent of Monday Nitro brought with it an intense rivalry between that show and the WWF's Monday Night Raw program. This rivalry is known to wrestling fans as the "Monday Night Wars".

This mod starts at the very first episode of Monday Nitro.

The mod was converted by johnal881 from my 1996 mod it was then discontinued, rosters had been updated and title lineages taken back to the correct time but not much in the way of anything else. I have since added attributes, altered popularities, updated tag teams, updated worker pictures to the correct time frame, company logos etc. The mod should now be perfectly playable in comparison to 1996: Hostile Takeover
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November 13 2020

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love all of your mods. I played Genadi a lot in 2016 and I play yours a lot in 2020

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