Real World Chronicles: August 2020
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Uploaded by Questlove
Start Date: August 2020
Last Updated August 13 2020
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*NEW* Dynamic Graphics Pack:

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=== NOTES ===


- The database has been made as if coronavirus went away overnight because it's more fun that way, but it does mean that in a lot of cases event schedules aren't going to look the way they actually look in 2020.

- If you're playing AEW, I'd strongly recommend that you use the editor to get rid of Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho's NJPW contracts, due to the way company priority works in TEW.

- The Women's Royal Rumble is set to be contested in a 10-person Battle Royal because if you choose 30, the AI realizes it doesn't have enough women and does a second men's Rumble instead. This doesn't impact the player, though.

- Any talent working both brands is on an exclusive development deal with NXT and on loan at NXT UK.

- All announced participants of the Women's Title and Pure Title tournaments that were to take place before the shows were cancelled because of the pandemic are left in the company on 1 month contracts. The list of participants added to the company is - Doug Williams, Rocky Romero, Fred Yehi, Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita, Tony Deppen, Kellyanne, Nicole Savoy, Katarina, Alex Gracia, Ashley Vox, Gia Scott, Miranda Alize, Heather Monroe, Lindsay Snow.


Abdul Kenan
Adam Hoffman
Adriel Noctis
Akiyori Takizawa
Alan Angels
Alec Realm
Alexander Henry
Alexxis Falcon
Andrew Bowers
Andy Brown
Angel Hayze
Anthony Idol
Aonghus Og McAnally
Ariane Andrew
Aytac Bahar
Bence Toth BT
Big Fudge
Big Guns Joe
Big Lou Nixon
Billy Preston
Bob Sapp (user character)
Bobby Orlando
Boom Harden
Brandon Thurston
Bryce Donovan
Calvin Tankman
Carter Deams
Carter Mason
Casanova Valentine
Chase Alexander
Che Cabrera
Christian Casanova
Chuck O’Neil
Concrete Davidson
Conor Renshaw
Craig West
DJ Talamantez
DL Hurst
Daichi Kazato
Dan Lambert
Dani Jordyn
Daniel Garcia
Danny Limelight
Dave Graves
Don Marnell
Drew Cordeiro
Eran Ashe
Erin Jacobs
Fidel Bravo
Frankie Frank
Fraser Thomas
Gavin McGavin
Gene Munny
Georges Khoukaz
Gia Adams
Griff Garrison
HeadHunter Rig
Hideki Okatani
Hirotsugu Suyama
Ice Williams
JK Moody
Jack Bonza
James Greenwood
Jay Apter
Jennifer Louise
Jimmy Lyon
Jimmy Townsend
Jordan James
Jordon Breaks
Josh Bevan
Kai Drake
Kaji Tomato
Kameron Solas
Kane Khan
Kenzie Page
Kevin Blackwood
Kevin Lazar
KiLynn King
Kosuke Sato
Kristian Robinson
Kyle Ashmore
Lee Johnson
Lee Moriarty
Leo Isaka
Lizzy Evo
Mac Takeda
Mark Sterling
Masato Kamino
Mat Diamond
Matthew Gregg
Matty Wahlberg
Max Caster
Max The Impaler
Michael Spencer
Mike Tyson
Mikey Broderick
Mikey O’Shea
Molly Spartan
Mr. Grim
Myles Kayman
Rat Daddy
Red Velvet
Rich Swift
Ritchie Taylor
Robert Anthony
Robin Shaw
Rory Coyle
Ryohei Nakatani
Ryu Gouma
Sam Addison
Sam Osborne
Scott Oberman
Shawn Dean
Skyler Moore
Soner Dursun
Steven Tresario
Takato Nakano
Tetsuo Usui
Tim Stubing
Tom Campbell
Tom Stubing
Tom Thelwell
Tommy Knight
Tony Kelly
Trans Am Hiroshi
Tree Hugger Luchi
Tyler Tirva
Vickie Guerrero
Vince Russo (user character)
Violet Lee
Will Kiedis
Will Kroos
Yoshihiko (user character)
Yuki Ishikawa
Yusuke Kubo
Yuya Okada
Zeo Knox


Officer Magnum
Adam Blampied
Jack King
Adam Pacitti
Ashley Reed
Big Badd Donaghan
Alan Lee Travis
Carl Mizzery
Chris Boggz
Chris Tyler
Dave Krycek
El Technico
Euan G. Mackie
Gerry Humperdink
Jim E. Villain
Richard Lockheart
Robbie Dynamite
Ryan James
Scott Cassidy
Scott Maverick
Sean David
Sebastian Radclaw
The Rage
Tyler Rayne
William J. Humperdink
Andy Roy
Jonathan Preston
The Mantis


Pro Wrestling Australia: Black Label
Pro Wrestling BASARA
Beyond Wrestling
Riptide Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling


Northern Championship Wrestling

=== TO-DO LIST ===

- More work on experience/attributes (ongoing)
- Further work and testing on Broadcasters (ongoing)
- Add more venues (ongoing)
- Add new companies (see below)
- Add more non-wrestlers


DEFY Wrestling
Black Label Pro
Capital City Championship Combat
Action Advance Pro Wrestling
Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS
Comments (1)


August 19 2020

Hi! Great job, thank you!
No big deal, but Euan G. Mackie and Dave Krycek (now David Cross) are actually still active, even though Cross is very much a "casual" by now.

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