Real World Chronicles: June 2020
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Uploaded by Questlove
Start Date: June 2020
Last Updated June 1 2020
GDS Link:
*NEW* Dynamic Graphics Pack:

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=== NOTES ===


- Most internet subscription services such as Pivotshare, Netflix, IWTV have been removed as in their current state they completely throw off any semblance of balance in the game world and cause ridiculous popularity gains.

- The database has been made as if coronavirus went away overnight because it's more fun that way, but it does mean that in a lot of cases event schedules aren't going to look the way they actually look in 2020. Any event that was cancelled because of coronavirus or postponed until later in the year has kept its original date.

- The Women's Royal Rumble is set to be contested in a 10-person Battle Royal because if you choose 30, the AI realizes it doesn't have enough women and does a second men's Rumble instead. This doesn't impact the player, though.

- Any talent working both brands is on an exclusive development deal with NXT and on loan at NXT UK.

- All announced participants of the Women's Title and Pure Title tournaments that were to take place before the shows were cancelled because of the pandemic are left in the company on 1 month contracts. The list of participants added to the company is - Doug Williams, Rocky Romero, Fred Yehi, Yuji Nagata, Ren Narita, Tony Deppen, Kellyanne, Nicole Savoy, Katarina, Alex Gracia, Ashley Vox, Gia Scott, Miranda Alize, Heather Monroe, Lindsay Snow.

- ROH don't have a TV deal because while they do have one irl, they just use it to put on a highlights show.

- Zachary Wentz is set to portray Suicide, but on-the-fly booking allows you to switch between the gimmicks on the same show if you want to.

- Contenders is set to take place monthly because the AI can't do events every few months.


Gabriel Skye (CZW)
TJ Crawford (CZW)
Anthony Gangone (CZW)
DK Meadows (CZW)
Matt Macintosh (CZW)
Ava Everett (CZW)
Leroy Green (CZW)
Matsuyo Uno (Ice Ribbon)
Yappy (Ice Ribbon)
Satsuki Totoro (Ice Ribbon)
Maika Ozaki (Ice Ribbon)
Banny Oikawa (Ice Ribbon)
Hiragi Kurumi (Ice Ribbon)
Ram Kaicho (Ice Ribbon)
Asahi (Ice Ribbon)
Mochi Miyagi (Ice Ribbon)
Kyuri (Ice Ribbon)
Suzu Suzuki (Ice Ribbon)
Miku Aono (Ice Ribbon)
Hajime Sato (Ice Ribbon)
Anna Jay (AEW)
Preston Vance (AEW)


Ice Ribbon

=== TO-DO LIST ===

- Attributes/experience for many workers, especially unemployed

- Remaining event schedules

- Further work and testing on Broadcasters

- Venues overhaul

- Companies to update & workers to add:

ATTACK! - August Jackson & Sid Oakley, Fraser Thomas

CWFH - Action Braxton, Che Cabrera, Andy Brown, Anthony Idol, Fidel Bravo, Pinx, Eddie Pearl, Ricky Gibson, Danny Rivera, Steven Tresario, Robin Shaw, Adriel Noctis, DJ Talamantez, Ice Williams, Jack Banning, Frankie Frank, Jai Vidal, Keita Murray, Lazarus, Tomaste, Mikey O'Shea, Sketch

CZW - Jos A (Eddy Criollo) & Jos B (Javier Nieves), Eran Ashe, Mr. Grim, Boom Harden, Kristian Robinson, King Rayo, Maskara Genesys, Silver Fox, Pesadilla #1, #2 and #3, Casanova Valentine, Mark Sterling, Jimmy Lyon, Tristen Thai

NCW - 5INQ, Kaden Rose, Loic Duplessis, Chato (Latino Kid) & Rayo (Latino Mysterio), Black Eagle, Nick Reznor, Stephan Paulson, Jake Matthews & Joe McRat, El Mosquito, Bert Garrett, Lenny, El Contador, Ryan Donavon, Renegade & Sabotage, Judas, Seth Cassidy, Sally, HC Ryder, Nova Cain, Dave La Justice + POSSIBLY female talents from Femme Fatales

Smash - Alec Realm, Jordan James, The Muscle, Cole Colossus, Joshua Pine, Jack Price (1), Tommy Vendetta (1), Carter Mason, Bella Bronx, Michael Greyson, Chris Mitchells, Ethan Dux (1), Jay Loon (1), Kyle Boone, Max The Impaler, Dillon Andrews, Brett Parry (1), Frankie Whar (1), Rodney Matthews, Jim Stryder, Tyler Tirva, Violet Lee, Daniel Garcia, Brad Myers, Aiden Rayne, Kingdom James, Corey Stone, Joey Allen, Super Kamikaze

ZERO1 - RAICHO, HIROe, Keiki Suzuki, GAINA
Comments (2)


June 2 2020

Amazing Mod Thank you!!!


June 4 2020

Cool game

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