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Version: 1.41 (III)
Created by Grey Dog Software
Last Updated November 18 2022
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To install, simply unzip the TEW2020.exe inside and use it to replace your existing copy (usually at Program Files (x86) / GDS / TEW2020. You must close down the game before you do this, of course!

You do not need to restart your save games for this to take effect.

Overall change log

Posted May 15, 2020
Latest Patch

To install patches, simply unzip the file and use the TEW2020.exe you find inside to replace your existing copy (usually found in either Program Files > GDS > TEW2020 for Elicense users or Documents > Grey Dog Software > TEW2020 for QLM users). NB You do not run the file like an installer! It's a replacement file.

For Elicense license users...
The latest retail patch is 1.41 (iii), which is available here: DOWNLOAD
The latest trial patch is 1.37, which is available here: DOWNLOAD

For QLM license users...
The latest retail patch is 1.41 (iii), which is available here: DOWNLOAD
There is currently no trial patch.
Please note that the in-game message that a new patch is available may not appear for several hours after a patch is uploaded.

Other Resources

The new independent show logos that came with patch 1.08 can be downloaded HERE. To use these, simply unzip the eight JPG files inside and put them in your Skins -> Default -> Graphics folder, replacing the existing copies. You do not need to use these, but you will not have a logo for Indian independent shows unless you do.

If you need a fresh copy of the default skin then you can download it HERE.

If you would like a fresh copy of the default database then you can download it HERE (last updated: March 15 2022). A fresh copy of the associated picture pack can be found HERE (last updated: October 23 2020).

Overall change log

1.41 (October 10 2022, October 12 2022 (Part ii), November 18 2022 (Part iii))

- (Part iii) Addressed issues some mod makers were having with companies not opening

- (Part ii) Fixed a crash that could occur on certain mods during the opening of a new company

- Owners founding a new company could ignore their ownership min / max age limits

- Adjusted it so that owners will rarely found a company outside of the area they're in

- Fixed a minor issue where Weekly and Monthly shows could gain 0.1% too much importance and get to Above Average level

- Various smaller fixes and requested adjustments to products

1.40 (June 09 & 13 2022)

- (Added in version II) Fixed an error introduced in the original version that could cause certain AI shows to freeze the between days loading process

- Recalibrated the penalties and modifiers used to calculate worker performance in matches as some products were objectively harder than others in an way that was unfair (this change may result in a sudden rise in some worker's ratings)

- Various smaller fixes and adjustments

1.39 (March 15 / March 22 2022)

- Calibrated the broadcaster risk levels and match risks to make the scales directly equivalent

- Fixed a rare issue where a player-controlled women's company could be incorrectly blocked from joining a valid alliance (Added March 22)

- Reworked some of the character generation code to better take into account dojo quality and produce better results in general

- Various smaller fixes and adjustments

1.38 (January 16-17 2022)

- Fixed an extremely rare RTE3265 crash that could occur during the processing of random incidents in some databases

- Fixed a rare loophole that could allow injured occasional wrestlers to wrestle on AI shows in some situations

- Added the ability to edit tag team record names during save games to aid people who regularly rename AI teams

1.37 (December 11 2021)
- Altered the automatic venue selection to better handle extremely small expected attendances, by request
- Added JPEG format support
- Tweaked the Monster Battle product match/angle, ratio by request
- Made some minor additions and modifications to the game, as requested by various users
- Made some minor adjustments to wordings in the handbook to add clarity

1.36 Part II (November 12 2021)
- Fixed a minor occasional glitch that could cause an AI show to not correctly apply era-related trends to viewership numbers

1.36 (November 08 2021)
- Fixed a glitch where workers could be missing from the list for road agent notes when prebooking
- Altered it so that the era TV Rating setting affects subscription services as well, by request
- Fixed a minor issue where a worker at ringside would not be counted as potentially part of a storyline in the booking analysis tool
- Adjusted the way the colour commentary cap is calculated to avoid sharp declines

1.35 (September 03 2021)
- Altered how European training facilities work to generate more realistic nationalities
- Fixed a minor glitch with the 'next TV show' text in the office
- Fixed an attendance issue that could happen with unusual touring / TV show scheduling
- Adjusted the auto booking code to better handle multi-man tag main events
- Various minor changes

1.34 (August 12 2021)
- Fixed RTE3167 when copying multiple tag teams at the same time in the editor
- Fixed a crash that would occur when using Shortlist All while viewing local workers during the PM portion of the day
- The broadcaster mass edit option 'Apply Any Valid Changes' could result in incorrect changes and / or crashes
- Turning a save game into a database would result in incorrect event prestige values
- Slowed down learning rate outside of matches for rookies
- Tweaked code to make most announcers, colour commentators and referees more likely not to get upset at being left off A shows if they're regularly working B shows
- Altered the Definitive Style attribute wording to apply to all style changes, not just evolutions
- Altered some data regarding titles to make defences and title switches a little more frequent in some circumstances
- Updated handbook to show the title frequency settings for each type
- Altered the deathmatch-related products to require a quarter of their matches to be of that type, down from a half
- Removed Pseudo Sport's requirement for a Steal The Show match per show and allowed gimmicks to have an effect
- Suspending a worker via a social media incident would not work correctly

1.33 (June 15 2021)
- Adjusted it so that illegal title reigns are auto-changed to Unknown when starting a new game
- Fixed a minor display issue with the date of the next TV show that could occur with certain combinations of block booking

1.32 (May 28 2021)
- Fixed a rare crash that could happen when using the editor to auto fill a company's hall of fame
- Fixed an issue that could stop a draft from happening for AI companies
- Several smaller cosmetic changes and engine tweaks
- Added mass edit ability to set title reigns to unknown (added on 2nd June as part of a revised upload)

1.31 (April 23 2021)
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur when signing a worker on a first refusal in some circumstances
- Made many of the attributes that a newly generated worker can gain more probable
- Added a new product, Tres Ring Circus
- Added eight new attributes (What's My Line?, Tales From The Script, Improv Training, Shoots From The Lip, Undemanding, Brittle Bones, Rubber Bones, Can't Stay Away)
- Altered the in-game editor to allow a worker's game and in-ring status to be altered, enabling the ability to kill off or unretire workers
- Added an Ultra Fixed scheduling option that prevents AI companies from seeking TV deals
- Added text to the booking screen for the current match / angle ratio even if it's fine so that the user can better judge their balance
- Fixed a display issue where alliance title histories could be shown out of chronological order
- Fixed an issue where a worker who turns into an announcer or colour commentator during gameplay could suffer a major decline in that skill a couple of months later
- Added an explicit block to having title reigns that begin in the future
- Reduced the impact of time zone differences on viewership, particularly for on-demand services
- Made it easier to talk workers out of retirement

1.30 (III) (April 05 2021)
- Production level costs in the finance screen would be shown as the pre-1.29 values even though they were correctly using the 1.30 for calculations; the performance total would therefore be slightly off
- Added a Save & Continue button to the event editor
- Fixed an issue with training facility logos and also allowed them to be edited via the Settings page
- Added a new attribute, Definitive Style

1.30 (II) (April 04 2021)
- Adds in some experimental code to try and help the handful of users experiencing issues with avatar selection

1.30 (April 03 2021)
- Added a warning about having incidents awaiting your attention when accessing pre-booking, as previously you could avoid the warning this way
- Reduced fixed show length costs for untelevised shows to make finances easier for very small companies
- Fixed a small error with assigning the National Icon status to Hall Of Immortals candidates during gameplay
- Adjusted the code regarding signing workers on excursions to remove a loophole
- Altered it so that using save and continue when adding events does not refresh the information
- Reduced pay-per-view price per viewer for larger companies to lower their revenue slightly
- Capped pay-per-view price that a company can charge in regions where they have very low popularity
- Increased the expected downside agreement values to stop larger companies underpaying talent
- Scaled up wage demands for workers with significant popularity to make it financially harder for big companies to stockpile talent
- Increased the costs associated with Majestic and Industry Leader level production values
- Increased the costs associated with Industry Standard and Cutting Edge broadcast quality values
- Fixed a minor glitch where Japanese and Spanish language gains were switched in some places
- Fixed a rare RTE3265 that could occur when deleting unused avatars when starting a new game if they were part of a stable

1.29 (March 05 2021)
- Fixed a rare RTE3021 that could occur when the game was processing head bookers
- Added on screen confirmation of space bar having been pressed to stop Multi Advance, by request
- Added a narrative to give a worker loyalty to a company
- Did some work to reduce the number of high overness workers created during gameplay
- Fixed an issue where a company could fail to reach Titanic despite meeting the requirements
- Fixed a rare RTE3265 that could occur during running a show if a specific gimmick change combination was present

1.28 (January 29 2021)
- Fixed RTE6 that could occur in relation to very big subscription networks during PM mode or when the player attempted to create or upgrade them
- Altered the code that decides whether a worker will decide to move on so that it takes into account current momentum
- Adjusted it so that AI figureheads who retire from active duty will get dropped from the position
- Added a button to allow a worker's default details to be automatically applied via the roster alter screen
- Addressed some minor issues with tribute shows and their related images
- Added an unspecified scandal option, by request

1.27 (January 08 2021)
- Added a new product, Morality Wrestling
- Altered it so that a higher percentage of newly generated workers are Heavyweight or above than before
- The warning that the player was trying to book a block of TV that exceeded their contract did not allow a choice of whether to continue
- Made the Menace stat slightly more powerful in angles based on that skill
- Upped the maximum stamina for newly generated workers of Big Heavyweight and above
- Fixed a RTE6 that could happen when using Suggest A Name on workers in the editor
- Added content and injury risk levels to the various match searches in the editors
- Put a minimum age for workers entering 'maturity' to stop children getting long-term skill boosts that lead to overly powerful skill levels
- Did some extra work on balancing child company popularity vs. that of its roster
- Altered the values used when calculating subscription service profits and losses to be more intuitive
- Fixed an error where buyrates were not properly being affected if the content was also available to fans on a different, cheaper, platform
- Altered how No Focus broadcasters work in relation to appropriate time slots to make it more realistic
- Reduced the power of mentor tips by request
- Changed some of the product change times by request
- Altered the costs for establishing and upgrading a performance centre
- Altered the contract system to stop some ways to game the system
- Reduced the price you can sell a venue for to stop an exploit from being used
- Fixed a minor graphical glitch that could occur when showing the next TV show when a taped episode was due to happen that night

1.26 (December 12 2020)
- Fixed a RTE13 that could occur if clicking a worker's morale while booking a battle royal
- Fixed a RTE400 that could occur if trying to open the finances from a negotiation screen while the finance screen is already open in the background
- Adjusted how French-Canadian names are applied, by request
- Fixed a calculation glitch when Standard Testing an entire roster
- Added On-Screen Personality as a searchable role in the various editor-related worker searches
- Altered worker popularity code to make it easier for lower level workers to achieve gains and increase the dynamism of the game world
- Gave AI bookers additional abilities to identify and push low level workers who have significant potential or skills
- Gave AI bookers the ability to take into account workers who are earning a huge amount and factor that into their booking
- Altered angle booking to take into account that users might rename workers midway through the process
- Added an extra road agent warning if the user tries to book a match that is inappropriate for the fan base

1.25 (November 23 2020)
- Adjusted over saturation to only apply to companies of Big or above, rather than Medium and above, by request
- Closed a loophole where a user could invest in a dojo and then sell it off immediately for profit
- Having multiple self-owned broadcasters could cause issues when using the child company -> own broadcaster button
- Altered the Company Wars screen to show companies at the world level even if they have zero popularity, by request
- Added birth year and debut year modifiers to the mass editor, by request
- Added 'Notable Referee' as an attribute
- Downgraded the morale hit from causing an injury, by request

1.24 (October 31 2020)
- Changed how company rankings are calculated so that there's no 'upper cap', meaning multiple enormous companies won't get bunched together on the same score
- Talking a worker out of retirement could lead to a worker having the Wrestler role when their contract should prohibit it
- Altered the Desireless attribute to also apply to cheating situations
- Increased the effectiveness of the Faithful attribute
- Slightly adjusted the chances of natural deaths for people below 65
- Increased average life span for non-wrestlers

1.23 (October 16 2020)
- Added extra blocks to stop users from illegally calling up other player's avatars from developmental companies
- In rare circumstances a company's AI generated events could end up with blank names
- Added extra blocks to stop users entering illegal characters for searches
- Altered it so that extending a developmental worker contract does not trigger the owner goal regarding hiring workers from companies of Medium or above
- Fixed a crash that could occur when creating an MDB file
- Fixed a crash that could occur when calculating the card of the year award
- Fixed a RTE3022 error that could occur, primarily on foreign language operating systems, when a second player accepted a job offer shortly after another did so

1.22 (October 04 2020)
- Updated the Wrestling Nerd Nirvana product settings, by request
- A crash could happen if clicking on the Power 500 message that no matches were available to view
- Added the ability to add permanent attributes to the mass editor
- Added a note to the news ticker when a wrestler announces they will be retiring, by request
- Various other minor changes

1.21 (September 13 2020)
- Made adjustments so that if a TV show came before an event then the event's fixed location / venue would still apply
- Added products Stunt Show, Attitude Entertainment, Memetic Wrestling, Cartoon Wrestling and Soap Opuro (with the existing Attitude Entertainment renamed as Crash TV)
- Reduced the limit to reach Titanic size, by request
- Adjusted Wrestling Nerd Nirvana product overbooking setting, by request
- Fixed an RTE6 that could occur if a company had an extreme number of workers with close to maxed out popularity and was running an annual battle royal

1.20 (August 27 2020)
- Altered it so that people who are absent from the roster slowly lose positive momentum over time as the fans forget them, by request
- It was possible for the auto booker to book the same person twice in a match if it was in a women's division 4-way tag team bout
- Some workers could return from excursion to be based in regions that weren't correct
- Fixed RTE3021 that could occur when certain titles were awarded / won and the holders immediately vacate
- Raised the minimum possible natural death age by request
- Altered the figures used for natural growth limits with the smallest 4 levels of coverage to make it harder for companies to attain big levels of popularity
- When sending people to developmental directly from the signing screen the list could sometimes give the wrong selection which would lead to errors
- Removed the time zone differences that would affect viewership when a North American company ran a show in a different area of North America

1.19 Part II (August 11 2020
- Altered the use of On Demand slots on non-Internet based subscription broadcasters by request
- Fixed an issue with absent workers being available for use that was accidentally introduced in previous patch

1.19 (August 09 2020)
- Workers could sometimes be selectable for angles when they shouldn't be due to suspensions, etc
- RTE3163 could occur when viewing a match history of competitors during booking if there was an extremely long match description in their past
- Added a note to the location booking screen to highlight when the user is over saturating a specific region
- Adjusted it so that AI companies are more aggressive about getting shows onto their own networks
- A shake up draft could potentially encounter problems if brand gender settings were set up in a way that would cause some brands to be unable to trade with anyone
- In some circumstances an AI generated mentor relationship could occur between inappropriate people
- Workers who only joined a match midway or toward the end could be penalised for overuse as if they worked the whole match
- Stopped companies from using emergency singles bouts if their match settings don't use them, by request

1.18 (July 26 2020)
- Did some work on popularity gains for workers to reduce the rate of growth, by request
- Removed Constant as a potential schedule strategy for AI created companies
- Loosened the financial blocks on sending people on excursion to make it easier on the player, by request
- The Burial road agent note would not be visible for selection when using the new style lists
- Contract renewal reminder e-mails sometimes wouldn't reach the player
- Made excursion workers more proactive about quitting existing contracts to return home once their time is up
- Slowed down the rate of worker skill gains for some categories

1.17 (July 19 2020)
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur when importing a company into a save game if it had specific home venue settings
- Added extra code to prevent an issue where a contract could end up with the workers roles breaking their "work exclusively as" term
- Fixed very rare issue where the same worker could appear as both the second and third person on a five man team
- Did some work to stop AI booking occasionally bunching several angles together
- Increased Tasmania's potential fan base to 15% as it would otherwise stop Titanic from being reached without physically visiting it
- Slowed down popularity growth for companies, especially for TV shows, by request
- Altered it so that companies created via Quick Fill won't use the Constant schedule option
- Added extra code to make the AI better at working out who the user wanted to get beaten as the finish to a match if the notes only implied it rather than definitively stating it
- Added a new cheat code, brainswap, that randomises every worker's personality
- Added a new It's Who You Know attribute
- Sometimes when a worker went away to start filming, the time away would not match up with the text of the related internet story
- When searching angles in the editor by Any Risk and then returning to the same filter would cause a crash
- There was a 1 in 10 chance that independent shows in the South West would not show a specific city in their name like they should
- Increased the lowest possible worker popularity cap and reduced the effect of "bad" destiny rolls on it
- Altered the "Fans expect important matches to be quite lengthy" product element to only apply to major shows, by request
- Adjusted the alliance-related code so that companies are smarter about recognising relationships when deciding whether to block membership applications
- Altered it so that companies can use locations owned by others as long as they are either the parent or child of that company
- Fixed RTE91 that could occur when trying to apply the road agent note Unmask
- Altered the default match and angle times when adding new segments to be set based on the current product rather than a single set number for all companies
- Fixed RTE3021 that could occur on the broadcasting screen if the user had set Will Negotiate to Yes and then left their job and tried to search again

1.16 (July 05 2020)
- Fixed RTE91 that would happen when trying to purchase a classic title belt of a company that closed during gameplay
- Fixed RTE6 that could happen if the user booked enormous cards where the combined angle scores would be several hundreds in size
- Adjusted it so that talking a worker into a new role does not update their contract if the terms do not allow for that role to be valid
- Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the game was creating a brand new company during processing
- Made it so that workers who become announcers, colour, or road agents during gameplay can gain appropriate attributes
- Non-performance centres would automatically turn on graduations during initialisation which could overwrite settings the database maker had given in the editor
- Adjusted the potential gains and losses from big wins to be less extreme, by request
- When a broadcaster change was applied the minimum popularity would only be ten percent of what is should be
- Upgraded the auto booker to take into account potential repetitive booking penalties
- Adjusted announcer penalties so that skills over 80 protect the individual members as well as the commentary team as a whole from penalties
- Mildly increased skill learning levels from matches to make some stat gains quicker
- Fixed an issue whereby workers not contracted to wrestle on TV could get used when auto-booking an individual matches
- Fixed an issue with the auto booker struggling to do 4vs4 and 5vs5 matches when asked to book just one match
- Added extra code to try and address a rare issue where a company could get a new owner and take a hostile approach to their own child companies
- Reduced the chances of amazing-powered rookies being generated, by request
- Fixed an issue where an AI one night tag team tournament could see the same pairing create more than one new tag team name for themselves

1.15 (June 28 2020)
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur if using the autobooker in a company that had a women's division with a trios title attached to it
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur when AI booking / auto booking an annually scheduled 4-way tag team match
- Fixed RTE3021 that could occur during loading when there was a specific set up of a touring company being owned by a media group
- Added a couple of exceptions to the way that the alter ego system works, by request, as explained in the handbook under Workers > Alter Egos
- Upgraded the Natural Trainer attribute's effects to better ensure the worker opens their own school
- Added new attributes: Golden Mane, Control Freak, Faithful, Desireless, Life Long Underdog, Talent Spotter, That Doesn't Work for Me, Brother, Voice Of... (x5), Agent Of... (x7)
- Did some work on improving the degradation of physical conditions over time, by request
- Fixed a show grade calculation error that could occur in AI shows where angles were rated on Highlights
- Upgraded the Silver Tongue user talent to also affect the chances of being able to talk a worker out of retirement
- Altered the user booking screens to automatically remove announcers, refs and agents from possible selection if they are not available to be booked
- Made being able to turn / gimmick change a worker who has been called up without receiving a 'too soon' penalty a little easier by request
- Fixed an issue where an excursion would return to the wrong region if an area rather than a region had been specified

1.14 (June 21 2020)
- Fixed an RTE3020 / RTE3021 that could occur during the loading phase
- Reworked the natural growth system in response to feedback
- Altered it by request so that a worker won't mail you about needing time to heal if you only booked him or her in angles on that show
- Made it so that borrowing an alliance tag team title will automatically add that team to your company's tag team list if applicable, to save time, and also that loaning a tag team will automatically reactivate them as a tag team if they had been with the company before, again to save time
- Addressed a issue where very minor pay rise requests could be withdrawn by the worker before the user had a chance to deal with them
- Fixed a glitch where the "booked to wrestle" line of text when booking tag teams could show incorrect information
- Adjusted the contract rating system in how it deals with exclusivity vs non-exclusivity
- Altered the AI region selection code to better handle situations where the user has both given a specific area and a specific venue but not an exact region
- When fixing an area and venue for a card, selecting India would not give the correct set of venue options
- Added blocks to prevent errors that could occur if the user recalled another avatar from a child company of which they were acting as booker

1.13 (June 17 2020)
- Fixed 3021 when bringing someone back from a performance centre via the training facilities main screen
- Fixed an issue where road agents and personalities could sometimes end up not being offered contract extensions by the AI when they should have been
- When using block tapings the last seen value was not being updaed when each taped show was later broadcast
- Updated "to hire" search to not include employees under developmental deals or loaned out
- The text search wasn't working properly on the shortlist / blacklist screen
- The three products that required eye candy matches would not tur it on if the entire company was dedicated to women
- Fixed a minor issue with attendances getting incorrectly penalised that could occur if an AI had an A and B show on the same night in a specific order
- The autobooker was not able to book tag team variations when asked to book individual matches only using women's division talent
- Added a news story when an AI company is forced to cancel a show due to lack of wrestlers to help people keep track
- Workers wouldn't ask for pay rises below $250 which would mean workers in some low level companies would never demand raises
- Added extra error checking to try and prevent the RTE3265 that could occur very infrequently when accessing PM mode to run a show
- Fixed an issue where searching by skill could not take into account decimal places
- Fixed an issue with area-specific alter egos not correctly applying
- Fixed an issue where sometimes a graduate could end up being signed to a monthly deal but with a per show amount
- Added a Natural Growth Limits option for people who want a more fantasy-based experience with regard to company popularity growth

1.12 (June 14 2020)
- Fixed RTE13 that could occur in some cases when an owner stepped in to personally re-sign a worker
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur in rare circumstances when processing angles during AI shows or when auto-booking them for the player
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur if importing contracts from a database created via a save game into a database that had been created normally
- Fixed RTE3256 that could sometimes occur when the player was about to move into PM mode
- Added 17 new products
- The user could still be penalised for not delivering prebooked content even if they'd turned mandatory prebooking off
- Adjusted the calendar and diary sections to take into account taped shows
- Fixed an issue with area battle penalties being avoided
- Fixed an issue with being incorrectly blocked from negotiating with developmental workers under ongoing deals
- Fixed an issue where title lineages could show out of order in certain situations when viewing via a company
- When viewing a contract's details, sometimes the original length could show as "-28 days" when it should be Ongoing
- Made the harshest possible worker popularity cap a little less severe by request
- Added new code that capped how high a company's popularity can reach in a region by the number of viewers there to stop companies getting to high levels whilst on small broadcasters
- Made it so that the AI will not make someone a figurehead while they're temporarily not available
- Modified the unmasking code to better take into account that being on TV isn't necessarily as powerful as it used to be

1.11 (June 07 2020)
- Did some work on better having tag teams together in stables
- Made the gap between pregnancy announcement and maternity leave shorter by request
- Allowed graduations to be disabled for facilities other than performance centres
- Added blocks to stop people causing game-breaking financial values by maxing out money through the editor and then buying out multiple other companies
- Did some tinkering with AI tour booking to incorporate some user suggestions
- Altered it so that if the AI was hiring someone specifically for a non-wrestler role they won't use them as a wrestler if they can also play that role, as otherwise they can bypass hiring rules and end up with odd behaviour
- AI predatory / counter signings could bypass hiring rules
- Made it so that the autobooker won't assign the Storytelling aim to the main event match, by request
- Altered the filtering of deceased workers to be clearer
- Improved the e-mail notification system to better inform parent companies of things happening to workers they'd sent elsewhere
- The Set Venue To event mass edit wasn't functioning properly
- Fixed a glitch where generated workers who weren't colour commentators were getting a starting skill in it
- Reworked the AI title creation code to try and stop an issue which was affecting some users where unnecessary titles were being created
- Added an extra step to the data check to flag up any broadcasters who have unachievable requirements
- Added a limit to how much popularity a company could gain per month, based on size, to limit the exploiting of constant schedules
- Altered the rules so that when a company uses a constant / heavy frequency schedule of events then the fans recognise that and attendances for those events use the figures for weekly events, not annual
- Added attendance penalties for over-saturation of shows in a single region for companies of Medium size or above to stop the tactic of sitting in one place and running many shows in a row
- Fixed an issue with mass editing handshake contracts not working correctly
- Tweaked the AI booking to make it less likely for a very low popularity worker to rarely get used

1.10 (Extra) (June 04 2020)
- Fixed RTE3021 that would occur when borrowing / loaning a worker during PM mode
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur during worker releases
- Fixed RTE91 that could occur if trying to tweak the gimmick of a worker who was the own character's avatar
- Adjusted the AI title creation to better handle unusual situations

1.10 (June 03 2020)
- Fixed RTE3021 when trying to auto book a single angle and the AI could not put together a valid segment, or, if the database had been set up without any default or basic matches whatsoever
- Fixed RTE3021 that could happen if you searched the tag team screen for a specific worker, then left and released him, then went back and tried to search again
- Added extra code to compact the database more often, thus reducing the save game file size and reducing load times
- Workers could illegally be sent to more than one performance centre at a time, added blocks to stop this happening
- In some cases a battle royal win could result in very low or zero popularity gain for the winner and people who did well
- When rated only on Microphone Skills a worker could get penalised for talking too long even when making a cameo appearance
- Made it so that broadcasters cannot complain about pre and post show segments being too risky
- Certain user responses to incidents could cause permanent personalities to be altered
- Addressed an issue with bordered alliances that the previous patch hadn't quite dealt with
- With some PM mode notes, the show name could be incorrectly prefixed with the text "You are currently booking"
- A worker's title history could sometimes show the reign numbers incorrectly
- The user's avatar could incorrectly use creative control to block changes to their own gimmick
- When turning a save game into a database, added code to auto compact it afterward to remove any unnecessary data, thus reducing the file size
- Reorganised some locations and spillover in India, by request
- Added blocks to stop new games being started where an inactive broadcaster had deals attached to it or owned an active company
- Made it so that even stubborn owners will eventually go into cost-cutting mode with regard to production levels if they lose money many months in a row, by request
- Allowed the AI to go up multiple production levels at once rather than being limited to one at a time, as otherwise they could potentially be below broadcaster minimum limits temporarily
- Altered the booking analysis screen to sort the last used column by date rather than alphabetically by text
- Altered it so that when doing events or belts the cursor in the name text box is automatically at the end, not start, of the line to allow the user to start typing immediately, by request
- Prebooking links could be lost if going back to modify angles in certain ways
- Very high gimmick ratings could convert incorrectly when turning a save game into a database
- Removed the ability for the AI to turn back on graduations for a training facility that it owns, by request, and added two narratives two allow the setting to be changed that way
- Refined the PM incident about mocking another person for their lack of popularity to only apply to wrestlers
- It was possible for a free-to-air broadcaster to generate some advertising revenue
- Under some conditions, such as certain loans, a worker would arrive unmasked rather than using their default settings

1.09 (May 31st)
- Added a "placement mode" to the PM booking screen to speed up re-ordering by allowing swapping and moving of segments
- The booking screen would use the company's main product base and not take into account branding when applying warning messages
- Opening two or more windows where a title history was displayed could cause a textual glitch where the list would display in the wrong window
- Fixed an issue where the "Be Exclusively An On-Screen Personality" role would not be recognised properly during calculations
- Made Stalwarts and Professional workers who qualify automatically become road agents upon retirement, removing the random element
- Fixed an RTE94 that could occur during loading if the database had illegal data in it
- If a company went a significant amount of time without doing anything interesting then the attendance without a figurehead could be better than with one, even if the figurehead was doing a good job
- If a prebooking was added to a show and there were road agent notes involving workers no longer under contract then it could cause a RTE3021 when trying to save the segment
- Added Charisma / Act / Microphone skill increases outside of angles to allow for faster progress
- Increased developmental skill gains for those not in a performance centre
- It was possible for women to get title shots against men in a non-integrated product if the title was set to not have any gender restrictions
- The AI could potentially put long-term injured workers in feuds
- The Scatterbrained attribute could lead to a penalty in some cases even if the match wasn't scripted
- Workers with the "shuns social media" trait could sometimes get pulled into twitterstorms
- Their was an issue with bordered alliances blocking invitations incorrectly
- Updated the converter and data check to automatically fix illegal TV show names that could be present in very old 2016 databases
- Fixed RTE13 when trying to mass edit the prestige of match types
- Made it so that straight edge workers won't get involved in scandals related to drug dealing / distribution, by request
- When viewing Contracts via a non-roster screen it would apply the search parameters from the main roster screen
- Limited the ratings centre lists to show the top 250 in each category as otherwise extremely long term games could have so many shows that they'd cause crashes
- Added a venue / location search parameter when choosing where to hold a show in PM mode, by request
- Allowed announcers to be in angle as long as they were off-screen only
- Added code to try and address a lingering error with crashes associated with a training centre whose owner was no longer active
- Added warnings about match-ups that break title restrictions to the booking screen
- It was possible for a worker to walk out on a child company but accepted a contract offer from the parent afterward
- Altered the bonus type / amount part of contract offer better take into account a company's current schedule, to stop potential exploits, and the probable amounts of money involved
- Altered AI title booking to take into account a show's main event instructions, by request
- Downgraded how dangerous the Weapons set up for matches are, by request
- Sometimes the morale entry regarding the firing of someone could not save the name leading to the sentence looking like it trails off

1.08 (May 27th)
- Addressed an issue where pre-show segments could get overly large overness changes for workers
- Excluded non-wrestlers from the lack of interesting booking penalty as it was causing them to trend towards negative momentum; also addressed issues with people who weren't on cards building up lack of interest points
- Made the "lack of big names" penalty less sensitive
- If manually adding broadcasters to the PM selection screen it was possible to order them in a way that allowed you to break the exclusivity terms of some deals
- Fixed an issue where replacing someone in an elimination tournament that was already in progress could see the original person restored if the replacement advanced
- Did some work on the autobooker with regard to amount and times for angles and matches, particularly with companies who are more entertainment based
- Redid the autobooker's assignment of road agent and referees to make better use of the entire available selection
- Turning a save game into a database would not have record name for alliance memberships created during gameplay which would cause crashes in the editor if the player then tried to view them
- Did some work on popularity gains at low levels to better allow workers to get over through performances and not to be so hampered by being stuck with other wrestlers who are unknown
- Fixed a display issue where the announcers screen could show the wrong experience level in certain cases
- Slashed costs for creating own broadcaster to address complaints
- Taking over a company and not taking its training facilities could leave the facility with no owner, leading to crashes if it was then viewed
- As Sell Out tags when viewing past shows were calculated on the fly, this could lead to issues if the player edited or upgraded existing locations to change their capacity. To counter this, sell outs are now recorded at the time of the show and saved
- Company popularity gains were slightly too high for midlevel companies, so adjusted them accordingly
- Did some initial work on improving AI tag team booking
- Reduced the frequency of AI booking of women's division matches if the division is only small
- A lack of available tag and stable names could cause a lot of extra slowdown once many years into a game, did some work to alleviate this
- Changed it so that AI created B shows are not numbered by default, by request
- Added Central Europe -> Eastern Europe spillover, by request
- Updated the independent show logos as India had been missing (new logos available from the patch thread)
- Moved the Delete and Clear Database buttons to the far side of the editor taskbar by request
- Added extra code to make the AI better at recognising when a worker is likely to be leaving soon, even if they're not officially set as leaving yet, and booking them appropriately
- A worker on excursion was not blocked from being sent away on a concurrent excursion
- Made the criteria for a worker to pass on their mask to a successor a little tougher to cut down the numbers slightly, by request
- Increased the AI's ability to replace titles if they become inactive for long periods of time due to a lack of viable challengers, by request
- Made retiring wrestlers more likely to become road agents, by request
- Upgraded company relationship AI so that companies would not seek excursions, developmentals, etc, with companies whose gender settings would mean they're not useful
- It was possible for an AI company to create the same team twice under different names if they were booking multiple shows on the same night
- The booking analysis tool would only use the company's main product base and not take into account if a different branded product was being used
- Altered it so that wrestlers on loan would not be involved in title matches on AI shows
- Fixed RTE5 that would happen if you opened the worker search utlity and tried searching with no text
- Bonuses were not being properly logged in the finance screen, meaning the performance value could be misleading

1.07 (May 24th)
- Fixed a bug that could cause AI singles champions to constantly lose title matches that was accidentally introduced in the previous patch

1.06 (May 23rd)
- Fixed RTE3021 that could occur with inter-player talent offers, also made the resulting e-mails more informative
- Readjusted PPV buyrates / revenue for non-Internet based providers to be closer to their original levels, by request
- The strap / chain setting for matches could trigger warnings in some companies where it shouldn't
- Fixed an issue regarding pre and post show segments giving popularity across all the broadcasting range
- If a TV show was shown on a different day to when it was held it could cause a mild graphical glitch when displaying the number of days to the next show in the office
- Fixed an issue where clicking on matches/events in the top 100 would link to the wrong profile
- Toned down some of the blocks to make it easier for founders to take over the company they're meant to
- It was possible for straight edge wrestlers to end up with pain killer addictions if severely injured enough; the remote assistance code 'painfix' will auto remove the addiction for anyone who shouldn't have received it
- Altered it so that importing a yet-to-open company into a live game doesn't make them active
- Made the AI less likely to engage in foreign tours without high levels of popularity in the target region by request
- Did some work on the AI booking to help it deal with situations where there are few or no eligible contenders for a title
- Made some attributes more likely to be assigned to newly generated wrestlers
- Did some work on the AI to allow singles champion to appear in tag action more often rather than be sidelined

1.05 (May 21st)
- Fixed an RTE3265 that could occur when copying a narrative that had already been copied
- Fixed an RTE3265 when viewing top 100s that was accidentally introduced in the previous patch
- Fixed an issue whereby AI dispositions could get stuck and lead to very lopsided rosters
- Fixed an issue where if a player extended a worker's contract and moved them from a child company to the main roster at the same time they could still be classed as being under a developmental deal, which would cause several issues. If that has affected any players, using the remote assistance code devconfix will tidy the data up
- Did some work on improving the AI booking for cards that are entirely 4vs4 matches
- Fixed an issue where a location could close and still be attached to events / home arenas in exported data
- Downgraded backstage penalties for smokers, etc, in backstage areas where they're not allowed to smoke, etc, by request
- Fixed an issue with touring highlight show revenue not being correctly paid out
- Added GIF support to Tour Company screen by request
- Altered mentor tips to give instant boosts rather than drip fed to make it more intuitive for players
- Altered the converter to take into account a worker's backstage influence in 2016 when calculating personalities, by request
- Did some further work on the booking engine to help when rosters are set up with extreme biases or limitations
- When asking someone to increase size I've altered it so that drink, etc, won't then be cited as the reason
- Reduced the frequency of body shape changes by request
- Reduced the frequency of worker style changes by request

1.04 (May 20th)
- Fixed an RTE3421 that could occur if the user played over 100 years into the future
- Fixed an RTE9 that could occur when house shows were being processed
- Made the AI more aggressive about chasing foreign TV deals
- The booking analysis cost text did not take into account the pay reduction that tour shows have
- Extended the 'reign length' text so that it'd track even super-long reigns
- Altered the 'Angles need to be short or they'll lose the crowd' note to give an upper limit of 10 mins, not 5, by request
- Increased prestige gain for annual titles by request
- Reworked the owner's complaints about merchandise percentages in contract negotiations to make it more user friendly
- Fixed an issue where a Well Known worker could potentially win primary level titles in extreme circumstances
- Fixed an issue on some screens where a list would default to the first person alphabetically rather than 'None' when the intended character was missing from the selection
- When the user selects a database, altered it so that it will automatically create an Intros folder if there isn't one, as many people were copy and pasting TEW2016 databases without paying attention to the required folder structure
- In the broadcaster editor, the media group would show as None when modifying a record, even if it was attached to one
- Added code to address an unrecreatable issue with the user being penalised for angle overuse but not being warned by the booking analysis tool
- The requirements for how many storylines needed to be furthered per show was inconsistent between the booking and storyline screens
- Sometimes permanent personalities could be changed
- Altered it so that when block taping TV shows you only pay production costs for the first show in the block, by request
- Quick filling broadcasters in a live game could sometimes have them be created as inactive even if their launch date suggests they should be active
- Made B shows less likely to use six man and tag team bouts if there's only a small roster available in order to stop the booking getting stuck with only 1 or 2 matches, and also made them not use multi-man singles bouts where possible
- Upgraded the languagecheck remote assistance code to address more items than before, by request

1.03 (19th May)
- Fixed an RTE6 that could happen if the user tried to launch an OTT sized broadcaster
- Fixed an RTE3021 that could occur if a company without an owner was losing its relationship with another company that did
- Fixed an RTE3021 that could occur while editing events if the database had incorrect venues set up
- Fixed RTE3020 / RTE3265 that could occur in certain cases when a new owner took over a company
- Fixed issues relating to relationship offers / proposals between two human players leading to crashes and erroneous blocks
- Fixed an issue whereby losers were not complaining or using their creative control when asked to lose to people they should be unhappy losing to
- Own broadcaster upgrade costs had not been increased to match the new launch costs
- An AI worker who only took part in a feud-specific angle on a show and nothing else could still be eligible to work for another company that night
- The warning about a newer version being available would show an empty grey window in the background
- "Cameo Appearance" was missing from the angle version of road agent notes if using the old style lists
- Double clicking to remove a road agent note had not been enabled for the old style lists
- If the worker's achievement screen had more than 24 items in it the scroll bar would glitch
- Made the AI much less happy with hiring workers on a written deal who they'd then have to share for an extended period of time
- When creating a new company in the editor, changed it so that they default to the Monthly schedule rather than Fixed, by request
- Altered it so that founders can't be blocked from starting their company by things like product clashes
- Added a handbook section on wage demands to clarify why it is possible for per show demands to exceed monthly in extreme cases
- Made the various law-related attributes mutually exclusive
- Raised the minimum roster size slightly and reduced the lower limit on the number of wrestlers needed to run an AI card as otherwise tiny / no popularity companies could end up unable to run shows in certain cases
- Blocked renaming of titles whilst in the middle of booking matches or angles as this could lead to errors
- Worker personalities were being shown even if they were meant to be hidden

1.02 (17th May)
- Fixed RTE6 that could occur in AI booking / auto booking with OTT large rosters
- Fixed RTE94 that could occur on tribue shows and independent shows if only two matches could be booked
- Fixed RTE3671 that could occur if a worker retired or died while prebooked in a user's company
- Fixed RTE3265 that could occur when processing a new scandal in rare cases
- Reordered the desirability of broadcasters to AI companies to make getting PPV deals more attractive to them
- Toned down how aggressive big companies would be about stealing other people's talent as it could cause them to end up with very large rosters
- Added in keyboard support to the road agent notes screens
- Reduced potential popularity growth per show for non-wrestlers
- Potential fix for glitch where the same worker would appear to be in a battle royal more than once
- It was possible for an Indian worker to generate with no biography, which would cause a crash when they were viewed. Fixed the issue and added a remote assistance code 'fixbio' to correct any broken characters
- The highest viewership value in the user's log could show as -1 if there was no highest TV rating as well
- Increased the costs associated with creating your own broadcaster as they were too low given the benefits
- Did a lot of work on viewing figures and revenue from pay-per-views to tone them down, particularly for internet-based providers
- The user could import training facilities that didn't make sense because the owner didn't exist, this would then cause crashes any time the facility was viewed or used. Added blocks to the importer and a remote assistance code 'fixdojo' to correct the broken links for games that are affected

1.01 (16th May)
- Fixed RTE3265 which could occur during loading phase if a AI company ended its brand split
- Fixed RTE3075 that could occur during an annually scheduled tag team or trios match
- Fixed RTE6 that could occur if a company had upward of 40 million dollars and was performing a spring clean
- Fixed RTE6 that could occur when trying to book some independent shows if there were a very low number of workers available
- Fixed RTE383 if you attempted to load a company profile when there were no active companies left in the game world
- Added a right click function to the office's Roster button to jump directly to the contract overview subscreen
- The auto booker could remove player-booked segments if they had ended up in the preshow zone
- Altered it so that you only have the option of choosing workers who are employed by an alliance member when replacing an alliance title holder
- Added in extra code to the converter and data checker to help automatically fix errors that were present in the 2016 source database
- Downgraded the attendance boosts for card prestige, economy, and star power as they could stack together to create unrealistic gains
Comments (15)


May 18 2020

when I was searching for workers while making a match I put workers with no gimmick and the game crashed. The error message reads "Run -time error 3464. Data type mismatch in criteria expression"


May 20 2020

Will this work with the demo?


May 21 2020

I try to put the new TEW 2020.exe into my GDS TEW 2020 folder, but it says I need permission to do so


May 22 2020

I got a run time error "run-time error '339' component ovsBooleanControls.ocx"


June 5 2020

Runs a bit faster now, yay. The other days it took me around 1-2 minutes to skip a day, now it feels way smoother. I hope we can look forward to more patches to speed it up a notch. Thanks for the constant work, Adam. :)


June 7 2020

crashed with runtime error 3021 when i try to borrow a worker from my child company


September 14 2020

*continues to wait for the feature I requested from Adam 13 updates ago*


September 21 2020

can u add features where i can import alter egos in a save

Monday Night

January 31 2021

Where's version 1.27?


February 4 2021

I keep getting notifications about patch 1.27 every time I log into the game. But this patch is nowhere to be found on greydoggames.com or this site. Right now GreyDogGames says 1.28 is out, yet I can't find any of the patches


It's starting to annoy me.


February 4 2021

Got 1.28 Patch. Check out the forum link below. You must be registered on the forum to access the thread



June 7 2021

There's a new patch, you guys are slacking lol.


June 22 2021

I can't find the 1.33 Download. Can anyone help me out


January 3 2024

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