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Created by w4lru5
Last Updated May 12 2020
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I released an angle pack for TEW 2013 and 2016, and I've made significant updates/changes/ease-of-use upgrades for 2020. I've been using versions of this angle pack since I started playing TEW and it's saved me so much time over the years.

What is it?

This is a small, simple angle pack that I believe can meet almost every need in the game with minimal cloning and changing. I've used it for my own games since I got TEW and decided to finally share it.

Why should I download it?

The goal is to eliminate redundancies in the default angles (i.e. three different kinds of interview angle) while making angle descriptions as self-explanatory as possible and streamlining the process of using what workers do best. I think the names this time make it way easier to use than the 2016 version.

How many angles are there?

Currently 68, though I'll be adding and subtracting based on feedback from you guys (there are around 20 distinct angles with multiple versions that rate workers on different things).

Hang on. You can't do everything with 68 angles, can you?
No, but you can do a lot. I don't separate most angles that are mechanically the same--in other words, a brawl in-ring and a brawl backstage will be the same angle, Brawl - (Stat). All you need to do is find the version that rates workers on what you want—for example, a 1 on 1 brawl hs versions that rate both workers on fighting, one on fighting and menace, one on fighting and sex appeal, etc. The tag version is Brawl - Tag (Stat).

How are the angles sorted?

Just look at the names! Now that searching by names is easier within the game, you can just search for my abbreviations for the name of each stat. Want to find a promo, an interview, a brawl, an attack and save? Just search for it. They're intuitively named (I think).

I have a criticism!

Wonderful! This will be an updated version of the only mod I’ve ever released and I'd love feedback. Post it in this thread and I'll read it, or PM me. I really want to make this pack as user-friendly as possible, and I can't do that if you don't tell me what you're looking for.

If you really hate it and just want to insult me, that’s fine too!

I actually like this! Can I use it in my mod?

Sure thing! Add to it, subtract from it (if 20-ish different angles is too many for you), release it with your mod or savegame, simply re-release it on another site, send it to your mom as a late mother's day gift. Just give me credit, please.

When can I get it?

Today! This is version 3.0, but I'll release a version 3.1 based on feedback the day of the full release. (Or maybe I'll pull a Microsoft and call it Version 5.)

I don't understand the name!

The Latin name for a walrus is odobenus rosmarus. I thought it was funny.
Comments (2)


May 13 2020

How do I add the angles in to the game?


May 13 2020

how do i install this?

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